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Elite Pro

Price: $130.00
  • Approx weight (ounces): 7.9-8.2
  • Weight class: Middle
  • Paddle length: 16"
  • Paddle width: 8"
  • Grip size: Medium (4 1/4")
  • Grip type: Perforated wicking
  • Paddle core: 'ControlPro II' Polymer (with Vibration Control Technology)
  • Paddle surface: Cutting-Edge ‘Chemical Bond’ (for maximum forgiveness)
  • USAPA - IFP Compliance: Yes
  • Country of origin: USA, Florida
  • Manufacturer: Engage
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 Description: The 'Elite Pro'. The paddle the Pro's choose.  Take your game to the next level as our top Pros did at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Tournament. 

The NEW 'Elite Pro'.  EngagePickleball won (21) of the (48) Pro level medals at the 2017 US Open.   The 'Elite Pro' took (9) of them.  The Engage Pros that used the 'Elite Pro' just switched to it prior to the event.  Who does that just before one of the largest Pickleball tournaments of the year?  Well some of the Engage Pros did, and it took their game to the next level.  It's now time to take your game to the next level too.

The 'Elite Pro' was created with direct input from the top players in the game to provide even more power, spin, reach and ball forgiveness (feel).  

Steve Kennedy, the #1 Senior Pro-level Pickleball player in the world, has a Signature version of the 'Elite Pro' and is now available. 

If you like Graphite paddles, you’ll love this new skin technology (we call it liquid Graphite).  The first ever 'chemically bonded' skin developed by EngagePickleball.  It is quickly becoming a favorite among Graphite paddle lovers and those that prefer other types of skins too.   

The NEW 'Elite Pro'.  Innovation.  Creativity.  Ingenuity.  Exclusively by EngagePickleball. 

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